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boy with dog

Cubicle Neighbours

As cubicle neighbours come, this one is as peculiar as they get.

There is someone who sits in my proximity at the office who has a dialogue from a Gult (Telugu, for those woefully uninitiated) movie as his cell phone ringtone, complete with background music and all. The ring tone begins with some female talking in a flirtatious voice, followed by some randomly absurd piece of synthesizer music followed by a male voice, which I haven't heard most of the time since the said person mercifully picks up the phone by then.

This morning, I've been hearing him speak non-stop Gult for almost two hours, with the only discernible parts of his speech being 'Hi how are you?' (repeated about seventeen times already before I got bored and lost count and had to do my own work) and something about 'cute cute puppies' and something else about 'Korean lovely ladies' thereafter (unless there is some expression in Gult which sounds like that, which I've buffalaxed into English).

I've ever so rarely heard said person speak to anyone in his vicinity, but I guess his is the only loud cell phone ringtone that I could possibly tolerate, simply because of its extreme absurdity.