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boy with dog

Notes about Nothing - 26/08/2008

Yeah, I decided to take a page out of the livejournal owned by purely_narcotic and let my meandering thoughts be compressed such that different ones could fit into the same post. The only difference is that, my posts, pretty much like all episodes in all seasons of Seinfeld are about nothing.


Journalistic Forays:
Citizen Matters, I discovered, has its own page for contributing writers and here is mine. The awesome thing is that the 'about me' section can be modified by people that own the page, and unlike in the two social networking sites that I have content on, this 'about me' might actually be read by some people.

As an aside, my piece on the lack of public space for Sunday Jams is on the front page of the newsletter.


Two Hit Wonder??:
Just this morning, I saw the video of 'Love is Noise' by The Verve on VH1 as I was cleaning up all the nose hair I had trimmed with a jumbo sized vacuum cleaner, and I could think just one more video of theirs that came to mind that everyone has seen and heard of. However, I could think of one other song of theirs that I have heard on the radio - 'lucky man' and I was wondering why VH1 was airing 'Rockstar' by Nickelback about eight hundred times a day and not putting any other videos. Usher's latest song, that I switch off as soon as I see his face, also features on that list.


Peter has no Principle:
Yes. Woe is me. I am within a ten metre radius of an anomaly that has defied the Peter Princple and risen above to seemingly vertiginous heights and I have no clue why!!! Further elaboration (read whining / bitching) on said matter will be done verbally to people who will ask - 'How's life?'.


Breakfast at Tifanny's:
I now plan on growing a handlebar mustache and wearing a leather jacket that has a skull and crossbones on it. Additionally, I also plan to cut queues and eyeball everyone in sight. Maybe that will compensate for having received the Rough Guide to Chick Flicks as a birthday present in jest from a certain Simian, although said person will deny the jest bit in no uncertain terms.

To compound my misery further, I rented 'Breakfast at Tifanny's' because I heard Audrey Hepburn was such a babe, and ended up watching it. I think I should not trim my nose hair for all of next year, to compensate. Edit: I must admit, Audrey Hepburn is a real cutie.


This pretty much concludes the first of my many "Notes about Nothing", although there's few other regular lengthy posts that I do plan on writing once the mood does happen. Maybe NaN will be a one time only venture as well, only time will tell.


When the f*** did I give you any such birthday present?
Is that the story you are now claiming to hide up all the damning evidence Kodhi found in your house (and from what I've heard, that rough guide to Chick Flicks, and the several chick flick DVDs including 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' was just the tip of the iceberg)
yes. for sure. What about your signature and the 'belated birthday wishes' text in YOUR OWN HANDWRITING on the front of the book?
And what is wrong with The Rough Guide to Chick Flicks?
oh, when friends like Kodhi and Monkee don't need 'Rough Guide to Chick Flicks' to call me woooman (something Kodhi calls Monkee as well), the fact that I have that book adds further fuel to the fire. Kodhi's countenance (and his comments thereafter) at having seen that book on my shelf the day he came home said it all.

The book in itself is quite fun to read on a sporadic basis, I must admit.
I get called woomaan all the time. It doesn't bother me.

Also, I would have expected Kodhi to want to borrow the book. It sounds like his sort of thing.
um, because you ARE a woooman??

And total and absolute agreement on the Kodhi liking that book. I just put fundaes to Madman about a surprise for Kodhi, that he might give you more gyaan about.
um, because you ARE a woooman??

What does that have to do with anything? :P
oh well, I give up. You're madwooman. You win.
could think just one more video of theirs that came to mind that everyone has seen and heard of.
...and they don't even get the royalty for the song, do they?
(Where's the triva, oh! Trivia Buff?)
Is it called royalty or 'financial rewards' in the music world?
oh yes, you're referring to 'The Last Time', I somehow didn't mention it cause it slipped my mind. Also, to be perfectly honest, I am not sure which of the two are used, because I think I've heard people use both interchangably.

Just noticed on the wiki page that Richard Ashcroft said "This was the best song Jagger and Richards had written in twenty years." Tongue-in-cheek are there.
Yeah which made its way into Bittersweet Symphony. Apparently Ashcroft also dedicated the song to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at a gig at the Sage Gateshead in Gateshead. After an audience member booed, Ashcroft exclaimed, "Don't boo, man. As long as I can play this song I'm happy to pay a few of those guys' bills."

What do they say about the British sense of humour? :D
Well, considering most Brit comedies are more subtle and involved compared to their not so distinguished American Cousins (Seinfeld being so arbit that it is a noteworthy exception, as is HIMYM for various other reasons), I'd say they'd have a lot of nice stuff to say about Brit humour. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Funny you spell 'humour' with an extra 'U' in it, though.

Considering how much moolah Mr.Jagger and Mr.Richards have been making, their chasing down The Verve reeks of cheapness par excellence.
Funny you spell 'humour' with an extra 'U' in it, though.
Har Har...how Fun-i is that?!
What do you mean with an extra 'u'? Five months in Seattle and Americanized, are we now?
oh no no, I was not referring to my humour with a U. I was referring to your spelling considering you said in a previous comment that you've been to India only on occasion.

Based on that premise, I assumed YOUR spelling to be Americanized. I spell and even talk and pronounce the way I've been taught in school, thank you very much.
Well I did grow up in a city where we used British spellings and no, this was not in the US of A :)
One of the many awesome contributions that the US of A has had to the English language is 'meh'. Another one is 'dibs'.
If you haven't read it already, Meh! :)
Good stuff! I hadn't read it already, but thank you very much!
Five months in Seattle and Americanized, are we now?

This is as bad if not worse than how one my close friends has been merciless about pulling my leg regarding my use of 'blocks' on that one occasion when I had just given someone directions (believe it or not) and the usage of 'blocks' was still fresh in my mind.