September 12th, 2008

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Ramzan and the Call Center Employee

A few people I know - colleagues, friends, colleagues AND friends are fasting through the month of Ramzan as is expected by their religious credo and have hence experienced a shift in their eating habits by gorging food like crazy if they can during the time between sun-down and sun-rise and not having any grub at other times.

This is one of the gazillions of reasons I am glad I am Hindu, because not being able to eat with the kind of BMR I possess would result in certain death.

However, in a discussion with a friend, we came to the grand conclusion that Ramzan is the time when Muslim call center employees end up having a gala time since they can sleep fitfully during the day when the sun is up (depending on their shift timings) and then wake up later on and chomp on food like nobody's business all through their working day.

This raises one question about how the devout ones adjust their need to pray five times a day with a disrupted circadian cycle. I don't want the answer if I have to hunt too much for it, needless to say it is somebody else's problem.


In other not-so-unrelated news, sometime last week, I heard a Muezzin's voice break during the time he was on the microphone, rendering his prayer call.

Voice breaking during high pitch singing is quite embarassing for whoever is in front of the mic and quite funny for the spectators, regardless of circumstance.
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