August 5th, 2008

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A Restaurant With Defined Entry and Exit Weight Criteria

New York City restaurants have recently become health conscious and have begun listing calories of each food item along with its price in the menu. This is to make people think twice before they chow down grub to their hearts' contents.

This is also an attempt to prevent people from over-eating and also to ensure that the overall health of the community goes up. Here is further reading on the topic for those not interested in my awesome idea, which is to follow in the next paragraph.

Restaurants that are really bothered about the health of their patrons more than the profits they make (and if one such exists, I'd be quite surprised, to put it mildly) should introduce a mechanism at their entry gate which prevents people of a certain weight or above from proceeding into the restaurant.

Of course, keeping in mind the fact that skinny tall people might weigh as much as short, fat people in some cases, the entry of the patrons in the restaurant should be made based on how disproportionate they are height-weight wise. Basically, keeping in mind the height of a particular person, they shouldn't exceed a certain weight and if they do, they should wait outside (or return home) while the rest of their family would eat good food within the restaurant.

The advantages of this are that people will become conscious of waiting outside restaurants because they are too fat, and instead sit and work out to get into shape so that they can pig out at said places. The overall health of the community will see an improvement.

As I was writing this post, I also realized that this concept in turn would show me as a narrow minded person who's angered the fat-camp. So, I figured I'll balance it out by stating that the restaurants should also have an exit criterion, which states that a person who conforms to a particular height + weight combination can leave the place ONLY if they've crossed a certain weight limit, and that too only after ensuring that they've ingested the food properly (so as not to throw it up later on).

This will ensure that dumbass anorexic models will start looking normal and human, like the rest of us if they eat at the said awesome restaurant. I don't know how much this has angered the thin-camp, but I hope it has had its desired effect.

The restaurant, will, obviously, reserve the right of service only to select patrons, and as a result of wanting to keep everyone out will attract more people and will become a flourishing business in itself.

Any takers for the idea?
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