August 4th, 2008

boy with dog

Random Observation

You can type faster if you choose not to type as if a you're trying to kill a spider that is running across your keyboard.

Churning out gibberish is usually more taxing than churning out sense.
boy with dog

Blood Donation Fundaes

I have donated blood thrice over the past three years, for very specific reasons. Although I am not someone who personally endorses Corporate Social Responsibility fulfilling drives for various social causes, simply because the only intent with which most companies indulge in CSR activities is to get more media mileage and appeal to the sentimental side of shareholders, there are some circumstances where the ends would justify the means.

Should most people adopt that approach which would give heed to the ends, the channel through which said activities are performed would not matter much. This is one of the reasons why I had been donating blood for the past three years.

Blood donation is fun. Especially if it is at the office. You get to take time off work, and sleep while blood which you can spare is emptied from your veins and you let a part of yourself go for a good cause, and get something new in return. Well, the sleeping part is the most vital there.

This year, I thought would be no different fromt the rest, and I sauntered across to the makeshift blood donation camp at our office, only to discover after having had my blood grouping done that my donation had been deferred this time around due to the fact that I use the salbutamol inhaler as a remedy for my wheezing problems yesterday. The doctor refused very bluntly, and I figured that if they didn't want my blood, it was not my problem!

So much for wanting to donate blood and fall asleep. The inhaler rocks and does wonders to your breathing if you've inhaled too much particulate matter, though.