July 25th, 2008

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Serial Bomb Blasts in Bangalore

A lazy friday afternoon at the office, which was going to be spent watching the clock until it was time for me to head back to Mysore was suddenly transformed into one that shocked all and sundry with the news of serial explosions that have taken place in Bangalore.

From what has been stated across multiple websites and TV channels, the blasts were low in intensity and the number of casualties haven't yet been completely established.

The blasts have taken place in multiple locations across the city, and regardless of the intensity, it has caused some amount of panic.

At the office, while some people remain chilled out and are taking it easy, there have been some others who have been hyperventilating as if they were present within a mile radius of the twin towers in lower Manhattan on September 11th, 2001.

Rumours are flying aplenty, with channels reporting 5, 6 and 8 blasts across different parts of town, some of them at the city center while some others on arterial roads leading towards major IT hubs.

Nayandahalli, which is quite close to my office has also been the location of one of the explosions, and the proximity of this explosion to my office has had people here up in a tizzy. There is a palpable tension in the atmosphere with cell phones ringing or people making calls to their near and dear ones hoping that they stay put in a place that is safe or stay at home out of harm's way.

While news channels (Times Now) was stating that the target was primarily the IT sector, with blasts on Hosur Road, Koramangala and such, it is quite unfounded to make such an assumption since the IT industry people would be the ones that would be among the most ensconed and protected among all others, given the levels of security within and outside their premises.

However, business men, college students and people using the locations of the blast as transit points would be the ones most affected by it.

I hope everyone I know is ok, and I hope everyone you know is alright too.God bless.
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Screw the Terrorists

"The blasts seem to be low in intensity, it could've been much worse" - is one of the statements that is flying around right now, aside from speculations regarding the number of explosions, their precise locations and the number of casualties.

Our office has reported that employees need to stay put in order not to get caught in the panic that is slowly but surely spreading across the city, and I personally feel that it is a wise thing to do - wait and watch in the relative comfort of one's office environs as the events of the day unfold.

However, the explosions, regardless of the intensity are the handiwork of people that want to alter our way of life fundamentally and to induce a sense of fear within people that will make them think twice before they venture out of their homes to do anything that they wish to do, thereby robbing them of their freedom to do what they wish to.

Bangalore has been luckier than most other Indian cities with regard to the impact that serial blast induced terror has had on it, which is why there is a sense of panic that one wouldn't see in cities like Mumbai which has, due to its status in the country been privy to incidents far worse than Bangalore has ever witnessed.

What would be lousy would be if people were to alter their way of life fundamentally in the face of these incidents, thereby ensuring that those who caused the blasts achieved their objectives. I hope that people would say 'screw those bomb planters, let's get on with things' and let things take their own course, while exercising a little caution in any case.