July 23rd, 2008

boy with dog

Movement to Wordpress

Skimpy has upped the ante of his blogging forays by moving to a new website altogether. Although the power of feed readers will ensure that nothing changes with regard to following his blog, at the same time, the movement to a new and improved fully customized website is another thing altogether.

Having seen quite a few blogs morph into fully-fledged websites, I've been wondering for quite some time as to whether I should discard the arbit google pages front end I have had for my website and follow the path of those who've got their own server space and hosted their content online.

At this point in time, I have complete NED* to do so, but I am sure that this will change before the year is through.

*No Enthu Da - a concept Skimpy discovered, and is as infectious as any. Wednesday NED currently plagues me.
boy with dog

Dark Knight on iMax???

This is not an original idea, it was something my friend thought of and mentioned to me just a couple of minutes ago. Just like all other brilliant ideas, this is one of those that one wishes they'd thought about previously.

I saw The Dark Knight on Friday evening at Fun Cinemas in Cunningham Road. By the time the movie was over, I was completely blown away in a hitherto unimaginable manner, and now I'd like to watch the movie again.

My friend recommended to me that we should find enough crazy people to go to Hyderabad and watch it in the iMax theatre there. In order to add to the fun element, this should preferably be done on a weekday, in order to get cheaper tickets for the movie.

Hyderabad is an overnight journey from Bangalore and back, and for those that really liked the movie, it would certainly be worth the trip.

Anyone game? Do leave a comment on my LJ if you feel you're up to it. Plans are afoot and something shall hopefully materialize soon enough. Also, if you think you know someone who's willing to go ahead and see the movie there again, spread the word forward.
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