July 17th, 2008

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Deve Gowda International Airport????

If THIS ARTICLE is to be believed, the Bangalore International Airport might be named after Deve Gowda. As if naming a major traffic intersection on the ring road after him was not insult enough to the Bangaloreans, there might be a distinct possibility that even north Bangalore will be polluted by his name.

If the Congress government does this, it will never come to power again. Bangalore will lose all its charm and it will be insulting to end up at *gasp* Deve Gowda International Airport while landing from Heathrow or Changi or even from some other wothla destinations that have some nice airport names.

Naming it the BIAL would do just as fine, thank you very much. However, if it has to bear the name of someone famous, it would be more than appropriate to name it after either Sir M Vishveshwaraiah, so as to redeem his stature among the youth, for VTU has done everything possible, including give really short breaks in between consecutive terms in its academic year, to incur the wrath of everyone even remotely connected to the same.

Naming it after Tipu Sultan would also sound nice, but right-wingers would be up in arms about it, as a result of which it would be relegated to being merely a harmless suggestion.

However, better it have no name than be named after Deve Gowda. Please!