July 8th, 2008

boy with dog

Tell me Why..

...is it that most people that I know who work in the IT industry have shots of theirs put up either on orkut or facebook with them sitting proudly in front of their monitor in their cubicle?

It is either that or pictures of them on their travels, proudly standing in front of known monuments with a smug look on their face that says - 'I was there, hah!'

However, I've noticed another trend nowadays of how people I know who're either dating / engaged / married tend to put up profile pics that contain them as well as their significant other partner for all to see.

For the women, I guess it acts as a deterrent for the potential arbit idiot who wants to hit on them, while for the men, it probably serves as an indication of how he's been stud enough to net a girl.

What of people on social networks who have members of the same sex along with them in their profile pics? Ai?