July 3rd, 2008

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The Car Boot Prank

Sometimes the lunch time conversations at the office result in brilliant ideas, that I can't get enough of patting my own back about.

One such conversation ensued this afternoon, and another awesome idea was born in the process.

As the subject title of this post might indicate, the prank has to do with the boot of a car. Over recent times, due to stringent security measures, malls are enforcing strict checks and frisking people as and when they enter, and one has to pass through the obligatory metal detector before entering the place.

It is not just people on foot, but also people in cars that face the security-induced delay while parking in their basements. They are required to open their car boot and show the security guards what is within before they are allowed to park at the designated area.

Sometimes, it makes me feel nice to pass through these security checks. I guess they realize that I have the potential to actually cause destruction, should I choose to! But with great power comes great responsibility.

Digressions aside, the prank involves a willing volunteer who will be ensconed within the confines of the car boot, and on opening it will climb out, brush himself off and yawn, as if nothing has happened. The security guards will be shocked beyond compare, while the occupants of the car (both in the seats as well as the one in the boot) will have a gala time laughing their behinds off.

Of course, it is mandatory that a test run be made, to check how badly said volunteer can possibly get hurt, or alternately make the said volunteer climb into the boot at the last turn before heading to the mall, in order to minimize discomfort.

Extensions of this prank would be to do the same thing while parking at a public place, and then opening the boot to let out said volunteer. It might work better if the total number of occupants within the car is less than its maximum capacity.

If any of you is inspired to try it, please do include photographic evidence of some sort, not because I will not believe you, but because it will be funnier this way.
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