July 2nd, 2008

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Making Music

This is one bit of shameless plugging of self that I'm indulging in, for a good cause.

I play the bass guitar for a band named 'Arth'. Our lyrics are in Hindi, and one can classify our music under the rock genre.

On the first day of the beginning of the second half of 2008, we've uploaded three mp3s of ours as part of an initial demo we've recorded. The instruments were recorded at home, the drums were programmed and the vocals were recorded at G3 studios in Chennai.

This is the link to the band blog from where you can download the mp3s - http://arthband.blogspot.com.

The songs are under creative commons license - free to distribute and download, but please ask us if you want to modify it.

I'd really be appreciative if you were to listen to the songs and spread the word about our demo either through word of mouth (and by that I mean gtalk, heh!) or by putting up something on your blog / LJ that would link to the aforementioned band blog. The more publicity, the merrier.

We're also on Facebook on the artist's pages, do join up there as well.

If you like the music, tell the others. If you think it sucks, tell us!

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