June 27th, 2008

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Following is a post I had written on IMDB as a movie review for 'Swades', soon after I had seen the movie, in July 2005. I was trying to see how much I have changed since then, and the only thing I can say for sure is that I make conscious, albeit unsuccessful attempts to write shorter sentences. Everything else remains the same.

The original entry on IMDB has been reproduced word to word here. For cheap thrills and for nostalgia.

Swades is one of the most brilliantly made movies of our time. Within a reasonable amount of cinematic license that Ashutosh Gowarikar seems to have adopted to make things more evident to the viewer (*potential spoiler* like making a hydel power station with limited expertise, and showing electricity crackling through the wires when it actually starts working), the movie is fabulous.

The recent trend of Indians searching for greener pastures abroad, due to the higher conversion rate of hard currency has left a substantial void in the country in terms of the availability of talented people to spearhead the country in all potential vistas of development, due to which the country's progress has been hampered and there are people here who still live in the feudal ages, with the caste system working against them, and landlords squeezing every single paisa out of them, while they have to undergo life without the most basic of amenities.

While I can rant and rave about how strongly I feel about such issues, the gravity of the same can hit you harder if you can view it on the visual medium, and this is exactly what has been done in the movie.

Despite the fact that world is supposed to be shrinking, and being global citizens is the 'Haute' thing now, there is no place like home!

The movie is made in such a way as to provoke the viewer to embrace the ideals that the current generation is allegedly lacking. The one thing that makes this movie unique is the fact that it is down-to-earth in terms of the message it puts across, and what it tries to convey is nothing that every single ordinary Indian cannot do, if he/she makes up his/her mind to do it.

Home is paradise waiting to be discovered.