June 26th, 2008

boy with dog

The Third Bangalore Photowalk

There is a significant possibility that this post of mine is redundant, simply because there's justifiable proof that most people who've followed my LJ have invariably added Skimpy's Livejournal to their RSS feed reader.

Although there's a single instance of validation for my assumption, I think I wouldn't be unwarranted in making an educated extrapolation.

Blame the absence of my customary simple way of writing on the truckloads of work staring down at me on my windows taskbar. Brains are fried. Apologies.

However, this post is aimed at that miniscule segment of junta that might've remained oblivious to the Photowalk concept that Skimpy imported from Chandrachoodan of Chennai (a.k.a Hell, as of two LJ posts ago, but I've reconsidered and changed my mind because three of my guitars - 2 bass and 1 electric have now been purchased from there).

Feel free to click on the links pasted above to get a fair idea regarding what I am talking about. It would also be nice if you decided to check out flickr for the photos tagged "Bangalorephotowalk" in case you're an utter newbie.

Now that we've got the lengthy introduction out of the way, here's to inform you that the third Bangalore photowalk will be held on 29th June 2008, and will start at the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road at 0759 hours.

In the early mornings, when the 'party' crowd is yet to wake up, these roads are actually nice to walk along on. Kindly leave a comment on Skimpy's LJ if you wish to participate.

Hope you can make it, especially if you're the fun kinds. Others welcome too.

I fall in the latter category, but I shall be there nevertheless, as the token slovenly guy in my 'photowalk shorts' and the dirty stubble. Call me Aqualung.