June 24th, 2008

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Bangalore Rocks!!!

Bangalore rocks! Totally and absolutely.

Although Mysore will always be city no.1 so far as I am concerned for the rest of my life, I've grown to love Bangalore so much more after a weekend trip to Chennai. Three days in Chennai on band related work and within twelve hours of landing there, I was pining away for Bangalore and its weather.

Although an inefficient public transport system, bad traffic and moronic motorists and too many IT junta show up as some definite downers against the city's name, the positives are way too many to discount.

I'd initially taken Bangalore weather for granted, given the fact that Mysore shares pretty much similar weather, although it has been the trend over the past few years to have hotter summers and colder winters in Mysore, but three days in Chennai has made me realize how awesome this city is.

I'd never ever spent more than 24 hours at a stretch in Chennai, and in the absence of air conditioned hotel rooms or an air conditioned studio, death would've ensued.

On returning to Bangalore, after getting off the train and heading back home, the cool breeze that kept messing up my short hair in the auto, the familiar Kannada abuses that the auto driver was heaping on other motorists that were navigating the roads as badly as he was, the fact that I could map out the entire route to my place from the railway station (as opposed to not being able to do such a thing at a new place) just made me feel so good.

True, Chennai is slightly more ordered and the infrastructure seems to be in place in a much better manner vis-a-vis Bangalore, and Anna Salai is everywhere in Chennai, but Bangalore just rocks. Period.
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The Karunanidhi Wears Prada

#define Chennai Hell
#define Karunanidhi Devil

Based on above premise, one can arrive at the following statements:

'The Karunanidhi Wears Prada'
'From Chennai'
'Chennai's Angels'
'Between the Karunanidhi and the Deep Blue Sea'
'Karunanidhi's Advocate'
'Highway to Chennai'
'Chennai on Earth'
'Heaven and Chennai'

However, if Jayalalitha were the Chief Minister, we'd have something else altogether!

'The Jayalalitha Wears Prada'
'Jayalalitha's Advocate'

and so on and so forth.

Ok, seriously, I'm just being facetious. Chennai isn't so bad, but I just couldn't resist it!

Btw, Bangalore rocks!