June 17th, 2008

boy with dog

Coming Soon...

New Transport!

Yes, after this post in January this year, looks like I'll be able to splurge to lay my hands on one of those babies.

Having purchased bike accessories - helmet, tail light, reflector, a mini tool-kit and a headlight, it only made sense to buy a bike to compliment these not quite inexpensive purchases. An order for the same has been placed yesterday, and by the middle of next week, I should have one of those in my possession.

Smileys all around.
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boy with dog

An Appeal to the Indian Railways

Having reverted to travelling between Mysore and Bangalore as and when the occasion demands it by train instead of bus, all thanks to the IRCTC website that I was until recently lazy to log on to, I have an appeal to make to the Indian Railway authorities.

I have noticed that most people tend to litter on the floor, and the slightly more conscientous of those litterbugs tend to throw stuff out of the window, and only a very infinitesimally small percentage of all train travellers actually manage to carry their own litter with them all the way till they spot a dustbin. (No prizes for guessing which category I fall under.)

If the railways would place dustbins in all second class compartments, it would support the cause of those people among us who'd now have ample justification to politely implore aforesaid litterbugs to refrain from their favourite pastime. Most litterbugs who throw waste out of the window tend to state that they wouldn't do so if only they weren't compelled to carry their litter with them until the opportunity to dispose the same presented itself.

Sure, there might be cases of dustbins being stolen, but that can be remedied by either screwing them tightly to the floor (an ideal place for such an arrangement is the space below the washbasin), or welding them to a metal piece in the wall on the inside of the compartment. Trash can be cleared up periodically, making our train travel cleaner and neater.

I have more simple ideas, which I think I will post for nobody to read and act upon in the days to come.