June 10th, 2008

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Stonkey Monthly Update - June 2008

Someone left me an anonymous comment in Stonkey Love Games asking if there were no more Stonkey related stories.

Turns out, after the day their species was created on 12th May 2008, very little thought has been paid to them in lieu of life, the universe, everything and everything else apart from it having gotten in the way, in some cases, very pleasantly so.

However, Rahul and Priya are not languishing away in some dark corner of someone's backpacks, being constantly pummelled by umbrellas, folded Swiss Army knives, books of assorted shapes, sizes and vintage or 500 ml plastic water bottles or bootlegged absinthe.

Well, atleast Priya isn't cause she is in Shrenik's house. The same can't be said about Rahul though.

There has been feedback given with regard to how all the Rahuls and Priyas we know have been offended for the Stonkeys having been given their names. What they don't realize is that in a few years from now, they'd be on par with Svayambhuva Manu and Satarupa, Adam and Eve, Pappa Smurf and Mamma Smurf and so on.

Shrenik plans to come up with a photo essay on what transpires among the Stonkeys, while efforts are also underway to make them meet more often. Rahul Stonkey, meanwhile should be made to understand that there is no way he can be gay, for by doing so he's already eliminated all options he has of ever being able to procreate.

Next month - a possible photo essay and more stories.

Last heard, someone from Auroville saw this LJ and has decided to make more Stonkeys. But ours are the real McCoy, make no mistake.
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iPhone 3G

Sometimes, just sometimes, certain happenings related to tech give you the impression that there is a God up there.

The spanking new iPhone 3G, to be made available in seventy countries worldwide from sometime next month just goes to reinforce that further.

The corresponding page for Apple India, however does not indicate a specific date as to when we'll get to have it brought into our country for people to start using it legally.

Of course, modded versions do exist, with the Airtel sims in them, but people would've paid a bomb just to get them in their possession. Now they will be accesible to the common man willing to pay a not-so-exhorbitant sum.

With a starting price (starting being the obvious operative word) of $199 in the US, they will most certainly revolutionize the way the world communicates via mobile phone.

I was just thinking to myself that if I do lay my hands on an iphone when it hits Indian shores, an occurrence which is quite likely considering I have always, so far, invested in some ordinary phones, I will have THREE frigging ipods in my possession. That itself is enough for me to be featured on Ripley's!

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And Justice For All...

Skimpy forwarded me this awesome link from the Freakonomics blog, which is a brilliant concept, at least in theory.

As a skinny guy on the verge of disappearing in between meal-times, I wholeheartedly concur. This is finally justice for people like me who have had to put up with massive people on either side of me while travelling on both international and domestic flights, and it is not funny.

Things would be not rant-worthy, had the people been huge and jolly, like most huge people I know in real life are. However, these were strangers and were both huge and grumpy. That is a bad combination, by anyone's stretch of imagination.

With the new pricing structure, many good things will happen. More people will become health conscious and reduce their weight before they get on that flight.

An alternative to that would be to allow skinny people to carry more luggage vis-a-vis the non-skinny ones.

However, waif-like anorexic models still suck. Sorry. Not happening.
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