June 7th, 2008

boy with dog

Facebook Updates

Facebook is really cool in some ways. It helps me keep in touch with people I don't want to meet in real life and in some cases, with people I would want to meet in real life but am unable to do so due to geographical considerations (and in some cases, due to Bangalore traffic).

However, due to a strict no-social-networking site visit policy courtesy of the almighty proxy server at my office, I am unable to log onto facebook as often as I would like, which results in my account being dormant for ages.

The presence of facebook applications that import RSS feeds from this livejournal and my blog onto my facebook profile compensates for that, and every single time I update my LJ or my blog, it shows up as a 'sign of life' from my side.

Not that it amounts to much, but for someone who is so lazy as to not get internet at home due to the need to fill up so many forms, and is so lazy that he can't access facebook from an internet cafe outside, these RSS feed linked blog / notes applications work in my favour.