May 27th, 2008

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Another Wikipedia Gem

In what is another documented case of wikipedia vandalism, here is something funny that I chanced upon while checking out the wiki page for Solan, a picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh that my family and I had visited when I was in class 7.

That visit seems like a gazillion years ago, but the fond memories of having slept under three fat blankets in a HTDC hotel room and eating hot parathas with ghee and tomato sauce, taking a couple of long solo walks into the hills and going missing for hours on end and falling asleep for a few minutes while sitting leaning against a tree, listening to the gentle flow of water in a rivulet close by, gasping with wonder at having seen golden apples for the first time in my life and other such reminiscences shall always return to me whenever I choose to think of pleasant experiences associated with the hills and mountains.

However, the prime reason for writing this post was to reproduce this piece of text that one might or might not get to see in the 'trivia' section on the article about Solan, the text is being put here verbatim:

There is also a loser named ********** Solan, who lives in ********* NJ. He has a huge wart on his nose. He get's no girls, has no job, and has no friends. He is a college drop out. MMMMMMMM

Wikipedia rocks! (Names blanked out to protect the identity of individual(s) concerned, even though I don't know who he/she/they is/are, nor do I care!)
boy with dog

Arbit Esoteric PJ

...about what a character in a Rudyard Kipling novel would say in reply to a question about what his name was, were someone to pose that query in Sanskrit.

As an addendum, a certain Simian also said that this was similar to asking James Watt his name.
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