May 22nd, 2008

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The Orbit Chewing Gum Incident

This incident is an appropriate highlighting of the type of idiots that inhabit the city that I live in currently, aside from all the great people I know, have met and interacted with. Sadly, the former group outnumbers the latter by a factor of a few thousands.

Such is life.

I was returning home from the office on wednesday evening, when a sliver colour Toyota Innova (KA 03 EG 3473) stood next to me at the Mysore Road - Ring Road junction, waiting for the signal to go green, so as to take a right turn onto the Ring Road.

I was clad in a jacket, getting drenched with each passing minute, as the evening rain kept intensifying, compounding my misery, and bringing about an onset of the dreaded cold, although I was cold-free for quite some time, but not anymore.

This is a welcome respite from the heat, and trying to see the brighter side of things, I was willing for time to pass by so that I could scoot off home at the earliest, when the driver's seat window of the Innova opened, and out came flying a plastic bottle of 'Orbit Chewing Gum', which the guy sitting inside threw out on the road.

The civic sense that was imbibed in me made me knock on the guy's window, following which I told him that what he did wasn't right. He nonchalantly shrugged it off and got confrontational. He said, 'I can't do anything about it now', and I told him that he could remedy it by not littering next time onwards.

Our litterbug got angry and was almost about to get out of the vehicle and hit me because I tried telling him in a very polite manner how he should not be dirtying the road when he could avoid it.

I'm not confrontational by nature unless its a battle of words, plus I was on a motorbike and I was drenched all the way upto my innerwear, and the last thing I wanted to do was to engage in a fight on a busy road, and Dear Prudence dictated that I ignore him, following which I moved on, hoping he'd learnt his lesson.

He almost tried off-roading me on the bike, and came very close to hitting me on the ring road, honking like his life depended on it, sneaking up behind me and it was scary, quite frankly and I was much relieved as he got ahead of me on the road, and whizzed away.

It is quite deplorable that such morons are the ones that drive around in swanky cars. His demeanour clearly indicated that he was not a driver, but the owner of the car, and he acted like he owned half of Bangalore.

I know nothing is going to come out of me wishing bad upon him, so I hope he gets his just desserts eventually. And if you're one of the people that litters, don't. Please. Thanks.
boy with dog

Podcasts Ahoy!

After much ranting on about how iTunes doesn't support manual management of content on the ipods post the release of version 7.0 and onwards, words that I ate when I found out that its not entirely true, I have now discovered another reason to love iTunes.

I recently discovered the iTunes store, and subsequently, podcasts, of which I downloaded my first one today. Following that, there's been no looking back.

I know I am a late entrant into the world of podcasts and the like, but I must confess, that after listening to some awesome Indie alternative rock, and listening to Irish and Celtic music, that iLike!!

For more, check out - - where you can get free downloads of songs which sound so so awesome that you'll have to listen to the stuff to actually believe it!
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