May 20th, 2008

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Arbit Monday Evening Walk

Last evening, at 1800, I received an SMS from skthewimp (Skimpy) who said that sw_aadisht (MadMan) and he were planning to meet up at Shiok in Indiranagar, and whether I was game to join them for dinner.

Feeling particularly lazy, and having had completed most of the work for the day, a significant disinclination to finish the rest of it, combined with the prospect of some good Thai food had me completely geared up for the Shiok expedition, by which time, Skimpy put another SMS saying how Madman cancelled out a minute post-confirmation.

However, I was still in no mood to work for the day, and so I decided that I would leave the office anyway in order to escape the potential onslaught of the rains, which I incidentally love, but not while riding on a two-wheeler in jam-packed traffic amidst retards who have lesser IQ collectively while behind the wheel or the handlebars of their vehicles than does my left butt-cheek.

I had spoken to Skimpy before leaving the office and we'd decided to loaf around in our area once Madman cancelled out, and he called me around 2000, when we decided to embark upon an arbit walk, something I formerly knew as a 'beat', when I was a kid.

A beat was a term used to refer to a watchman's walk around the turf he was in charge of, or alternatively used to refer to the territory that a cop used to patrol whenever he didn't have NED to do so. The extension of this term was then used when precocious kids in classes 6, 7, 8 and 9 began straying away from the usual activities of playing cricket and beating up the kids in classes 2, 3 and 4 that inhabited the same road as them, and instead began their forays into exploring their locality by walking around aimlessly until it was time to grab dinner at home and then go to sleep.

These 'beats' that I used to go on as a kid with a few friends was usually in order to kill time, without being a bother at home and these 'beats' are something that I missed a lot as studies, college and subsequently work took centerstage in my life.

Hence, while on an arbit gtalk conversation with Skimpy, who stays just about 800 metres away from my place on the other side of the outer ring road, we decided to put one beat, and at the same time, sit at some small road side coffee shop and listen to random people talk and get a feel of south Bangalore proper, while it still lasted.

I've seen and read about a lot of people from the previous generations who would get together in the evenings, sit under a tree at a 'kaTTe', which is a seating space comprising of circular or square benches constructed around the trunk of a tree, and then sit and sip coffee and talk about life, the universe and everything.

For me, this has a very RK Narayan-esque Malgudi-ish feel to it, and its sad to note that there are fewer and fewer places and activities that bring one to such a state of mind, as specified.

Such space was not available to sit and indulge ourselves as we'd have liked, nor did we have critical mass, and hence the idea was canned and in place of that, we decided to take a walk.

There was no agenda, and the only thing that I was looking for was some cold badam milk or some coffee combined with the exercise that only an aimless walk can provide.

Its been a while since I've been on such a 'beat', and armed with umbrellas, us 25 year olds embarked on an exercise that I think most would associate with guys who are older, wiser and have pretty much nothing else to do, and starting from the Kathriguppa signal on the Ring Road, near Renuka PU College, we walked all the way till Vidyapeetha Circle and into Srinagar and then back, while trading stories about the evils of off-shoring, Ramesh Menon's adult version of the Mahabharatha, mangoes, 'let it be', the CET in 2000 A.D, ogling at license plate numbers and so on.

I've been taking a lot of walks lately, including this arbit walk and the photowalk among others, and I must honestly confess that its good to indulge oneself in so much pleasant exercise.

Skimpy's put information that he's going to write a post on this as well, and unless he puts NED, you can check it out on his blag.

It is to be noted here that this is also among the first few instances when I've started feeling completely at home in Bangalore, a feeling that had eluded me for almost three years since I started working. Now, I feel like I'm growing roots here and slowly digging in.

Mysore shall always be my most favourite city, but I'm slowly but surely falling for Bangalore as well, though it shall always be a distant second favourite.
boy with dog

Cubicle Noise

My blanket good moods notwithstanding, I have this strong inclination to do a 'Kill Bill' style sword swooshing head decapitating thing with the morons in the next cubicle, who are shouting ALL the time!

Alternatively, I wish some humans came with mute buttons, so that my team and I could work happily and properly, putting those inconsiderate ignoramus inane irrational idiots in silent mode and going about our own devices thereafter.

However, rather than the mute buttons, I kinda like the Samurai approach better because it is a permanent one, just in case the batteries of the remote that enable the mute button would conk off, thereby bringing about a re-emergence of the noise.