May 17th, 2008

boy with dog

PhotoWalk Footage for Skimpy

Multiple things are being plugged in this post. Firstly, one more piece of mine online at Citizen Matters. Oh, and yes, it does matter!

Secondly, plugging Skimpy's LJ, though it would be for most part redundant.

Thirdly, plugging in the Bangalore Photowalk by itself, to get more junta along and make it huge enough to clog traffic on some sunday mornings.

If Rajkumar's fans' association can block traffic on a monday morning when I get to work for no fault of mine, because some moron has desecrated his statue installed at the junction between Mysore Road and Ring Road, I should be able to, in retaliation see if there is some way I can give it back to them, by stopping a bus full of these fans near Majestic, on their way to a special screening of his movie, no offence intended, of course to the memory of Dr.Raj.

This post started off as something else, but is now morphing into something totally different. The only incorrect thing in the piece that I have linked up here is the mention of my association with Swarathma, something I can't claim any longer, having been the ex-manager of the band. Now I am associated with them as a fan and a well-wisher and that association, I feel needn't be highlighted with the by-line given to me on that piece.

So there. More power to the Photowalk.