May 12th, 2008

boy with dog

Stonkey Love Games

This is more arbit a post than most, and if you do want to read through and try and make sense out of it, trust me, you will not.

You have been warned.

A Stonkey (pronounced pretty much the same way as a donkey, but with an 'st' prefixed instead of the 'd') is a unique species of animal that is a cross between a stegosaurus and a donkey. Created at Auroville, and packaged in cute little cloth bags to be given out as souvenir presents to friends, these Stonkeys are sold incorrectly as mini-horses simply because the creators of this species felt that such a move would make their products sell better.

Now the Stonkeys do look like stegosaurii with distinctive blades running symmetrically along their back, whilst also looking like a donkey, with an 'adorable meh' look to them, an expression the Stonkey gifter concocted to impress those she gifted it to.

The Adam and Eve of the Stonkeys have been christened 'Rahul' and 'Priya' respectively, and they met for the first time on the lunch table cafeteria in our office. Rahul fell for Priya at first sight, but then told her he was gay when she asked him out.

Now, its funny, but in Stonkey land, roles are reversed and the womans have to chase the guys, and hence Priya is trying to get Rahul to not be gay, for this would result in the destruction of their newly created species.

The female is more intelligent than the male of the species among Stonkeys, and this is an established fact which requires no extrapolation due to the limited number of data points available. Jargon jargon jargon.

The Stonkey saga shall continue at lunch time tomorrow and other lunch times thereafter unless NED kicks in, and there is a plan to catch them on camera, with an apt photo essay to depict how the Stonkey love games shall unfold.