May 11th, 2008

boy with dog

Dream Behaviour

I sometimes have dreams that have people in them that I know in real life. The dreams are in full colour and usually involve situations that have transpired or might eventually transpire or something totally incdedulous like being part of a Mortal Kombat like game or some such.

This means that the types of dreams I have involving corporeal individuals (heh, not even sure if that usage is correct but right now I am too lazy to check)can be classified into flashbacks, possible future events and video game fantasy situations.

I was wondering if our subconscious is powerful enough to govern their behaviour in order for the individuals to react the way they do, or is it just that, in an extremely weird way of approaching the situation, those individuals actually do behave that way and our brains are able to learn how they work and hence put through the same stuff in the actual dream?

I guess the very bottomline query of this whole post that I am putting up in a half-asleep state with a toothbrush in my mouth is, do we have control over the content of the dreams that we have, or is there something else that is able to govern that, some external factor that we don't have control over?

I know, I know, Freud already did it, in all probability, but my version includes video game situations and stuff - hah.
boy with dog

RSS Feed Brain Fart and Other Stories

In a bid to provide some random arbit posts post the election, I went on an LJ rampage of sorts, putting up five posts in less than an hour, once I returned home after casting my vote.

I don't know for what reason, but the fourth post that I put up, which was a post related to indelible ink and requested readers for some information didn't show up on the RSS feeds, and I noticed consequently that it hadn't shown up either on google reader or on my facebook feeds.

I don't know why it happened, but it did. But now you can read that post via the link, should the feed reader you employ not show you what I would've liked for it to.

In other news, I attended the Mysore Open Quiz conducted by KQA and hosted by Arul Mani at the Infosys, Mysore campus. The campus is lovely, to say the least, but as all tech company campuses go, I am a hundred percent certain that it will lose its sheen and charm to those that have to work there day in and day out.

Being aware of that fact made me have no regrets about not having explored the campus, and having seen only those parts of it that the open quiz attendees had to gain access to do our business, so to speak.

Having lost out on qualifying by half a point was hajjar disappointing, considering it was real stupidity on our part to have missed out on some questions that we should've got, for we got questions that most others didn't, atleast based purely on the crowd's response or enthusiasm levels displayed when the particular answer was given out, post the prelims.

Our team comprised of Rana Kar, Chandan Kulkarni, Varun Shenoy and of course me. The reason I am using full names of participants, as opposed to nicknames is to also document the reasoning behind us having our team name as 'Sha-Ka-Hari Chandan', which was quite arbit and out of the blue.

Turned out, Chandan, who's really smart and put good cracks, was indeed a vegetarian. Aptness are there.

Man United now has the Premier League title, and guess it was quite apt that Ryan Giggs, whose jersey I have which was gifted to me by the former owner of 'Bananas', put in the goal that sealed it all. Hooray!