May 8th, 2008

boy with dog

Why Livejournal when Blogspot are there?

I think I've been asked this question about why I maintain a blog and a livejournal and not spew all my nonsense all at once place, by all the people who read this post which amounts to a grand total of 3 (trite old joke, I know it will not work this time around).

However, I had an epiphany and I realized that I have finally found the answer to to that question and fortunately, it is not 42.

The funda is that I use my LJ for documenting stuff quickly and on the fly, so to speak. Each post albeit lengthy on occasion doesn't take more than a maximum of ten minutes to type out and publish. This could also be attribtued to my decent typing skills, and that is probably the major skill that I've been able to develop after nearly four years on the job, although I can't write it on any resume of mine.

My blog however is awarded with the posts that are thought out for more time than the average LJ post, and since it was the one that came first, I think I have a soft spot for it, which is why it gets preferential treatment sometimes.

So there. Now I know. And you do too!
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