April 30th, 2008

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Hello Goodbye

I've had an observation to make regarding conversations I've had with people over the phone over an extended duration.

There have been instances when I have had to have conversations with complete strangers, for work related to the band I used to manage before, or for stuff related to the writing work I do.

This is one of those times that the convenience of having a cell phone presents itself, as I don't have to go meet those people personally, nor do I have to wade through the murky and ruthless swarm that is the traffic in Bangalore city, and can instead conduct transactions effectively this way.

In these telephone conversations, I have noticed that people in the entertainment industry that I am in conversation with (PR persons, artists, media liasons and so on) tend to end conversations with a long drawn out "bye", in a 'sweet' or polite way that isn't really warranted towards a person in the first phone call you've had with them.

Most of the time, my sign offs with unknown people or people I am formal with is to ask them to 'have a good day' or 'have a good evening' or something perfunctorily formal to just signal the end of the conversation officially.

With friends, specially the close ones, its more of 'piss off, cheap guy' or 'ok dude, gotta crash' or something to that effect. But I don't think I can ever fake niceness to strangers, unless I really like conversing with them, which can't be decided in the first ever time that words have been exchanged.

Edit: After a certain cheap guy pointed out to me that he could be nice to strangers and does it in London to get his way, I figured that I might've not written stuff out correctly and that I meant that I can be polite and socially proper with even the most arbit strangers, but that I can't subject them to the intimate way of saying goodbye or talking to them in a way that I would do with good friends.
boy with dog

Man United v/s FC Barcelona

Finally Man United are in the final again. Thanks to a certain Paul Scholes' amazing goal, and although Barcelona were slightly unlucky that Van Der Saar is such an amazing goal keeper, ManU were completely deserving of going through into the next round.

I am glad I finished work early enough at half past eleven so that I could rush home to watch the game. I don't think I would've missed it for the world, though I did miss out on the IPL games consistently due to the fact that I've been required to spend so much time in front of my monitor.

Messi did account for nearly 15% of the ball possession overall, all players inclusive, but thankfully its Sir Alex and co that finds itself on its way to Moscow.

Tonight's game, I will be rooting for Liverpool against Chelsea, so that it will be easier for United to beat them come 21st May 2008.

Mark your calenders, and don't miss the finals for the world.
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