April 28th, 2008

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Because Citizens Matter


~~ About Citizen Matters ~~
Are you tired of reading about minor celebrities from Hollywood in your newspaper? Would you like to read news that informs you about issues which matter to all of us as Bangaloreans; from the quality of drinking water, effects of road widening, usage of the RTI act, to the complexities of school admissions processes and the travails of booking a kalyana mantapa? If Yes please log on to www.citizenmatters.in

Citizen Matters, our new Bangalore focused e-zine is a informative, independent community news publication that provides in-depth local news. We encourage citizen involvement and collaboration. But we are not just about serious stuff, you can also get to know of interesting and useful things like a local indie band playing in a nearby cafe or a fun weekend activity for you and your children in Cubbon Park.

Your support, encouragement and feedback are important to us, and believe me we will never feature Jennifer Lopez, until she moves to Bangalore and files an RTI petition.

Thanks for your time. Do visit www.citizenmatters.in
~~ ~~


Hope you read what was written above. There is an ulterior motive to spreading the word about this online newsletter - I am a contributor to the content on it.

As mentioned, this is what you'd be reading if you wanted content without the glossy pictures of celebrities that shouldn't really matter to you, or of random nonsense such as 'how to know if your boss likes you' by filling up a quiz that takes a, b, and c as responses and then does the evaluation.

So log on, contribute, read (even through RSS feeds should you be too lazy to check the site every day) and be more informed.