April 24th, 2008

boy with dog

FC Barcelona v/s Man United

I was looking forward to this game so much, considering it would probably mean witnessing history unfold as Man U made a bid for their third European Cup / Champions league title.

However, after the initial crazy flurry of activities in the first few minutes, which saw Ronaldo miss a penalty, things sort of tempered down and I fell asleep during the second half. Ronaldo would've been dragged all over the floor for this thing, had he not been the blue eyed boy for Man United this season, with some gazillions of goals scored at the most opportune and relevant moments.

The second leg of both semi finals will hopefully be more interesting.

One can only wait and see. In other news...
boy with dog

Gtalk Status Message Movement

I consider my gtalk status message as one of the ways in which I am able to put my message out there. I usually attempt to say something sarcastic, or something downright absurd, and what is on the status bar is usually a reflection of what is going on in my mind.

It has been an effective, but under rated tool for catharsis that I've taken for granted, as I am sure most of us have.

Now, there was this one instance when some friends of mine and I at the office decided to use our employee IDs and create something funny out of it, by prefixing convict no. ahead of the actual number, and my entire gtalk list, after having blocked the others temporarily, was then filled up with people whose status message was pretty similar to mine, but unique at the same time.

I should be having a screen shot of that somewhere in my mail server archives, but I am too lazy to fish it out for now.

However, it was one of those cheap thrill things that has become synonymous with everything I do that I can't give a justifiable explanation to, and what I am about to propose is just another one of those.

What if all of us, just for a short duration of ten minutes, chose to have the exact same gtalk status message, at a time and day that we could all be online?

I have a limited list of people on my friends list (who I have not blocked), and you could propagate this information across to your friends' list and they could do it for their list and so on and so forth. The potential ripple effect, given the six degrees of separation phenomenon would mean that everyone connected to everyone through a computer and influenced by the blogsphere could potentially be privy to this pointless experiment.

I don't know what it will achieve, but I am hoping, being in a utopic frame of mind, that it will bring people closer together, help reconnect with people that we've blocked or just get cheap thrills out of doing it, like I am getting out of proposing the idea in the first place.

However, given the amount of influence I possess, I don't think more than three people would want to have the same status message. However, I must confess that the idea seemed as nice when it was in my head, as it does now that I have posted it.