April 23rd, 2008

boy with dog

iTunes Rave

I was phobic to the use of any version that was more recent than the iTunes release supplied with my trusty 5th generation iPod, simply because I had seen how some versions in the intermediate releases didn't allow manual control of the content in one's list, and that freaked me out no end.

I like organizing my music myself from different sources, and it seemed unfair on the part of iTunes to not allow me to do that.

However, I had to download the latest version to welcome the newest member on my musical journey, and I discovered that its downward compatibility extends to allowing manual playlist manipulation with the old ipod as well. The new one, my beautiful ipod classic 160, hitherto unnamed, still remains uninaugurated.

Maybe even the version that freaked me out had manual sync, but that I was too dumb and/or too lazy to check out whether it did. However, that doesn't really matter because the newest version is what will make my day.
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boy with dog

Liverpool v/s Chelsea

A friend of mine had come over to watch the Champions League semifinal first leg between Liverpool and Chelsea, and as prior reputations of both teams' playing styles have been kept into consideration, nobody was expecting an excellent match, but it promised to be exciting nevertheless.

The first half was quite boring, until Kuyt managed to put one in, after having worked hard to get many near chances at shots on the goal. The second half saw a little more action than the first, though my friend was keen on going back home when there were fifteen minutes left.

I told him that he'd endured so much already, fifteen minutes of torture wouldn't really be that bad, considering his body clock would be adjusted to view the Man U - Barca game today, which promises to be more fun. Plus I mentioned to him that you never really know what happens until the last whistle was blown.

My friend stuck on, and we both saw how Riise so skillfully used his head and used his head to put an own goal, much to the chagrin of everyone present at Anfield who were celebrating a home win, and the fact that an away goal was not conceeded.

Four minutes of injury time, and the own goal was scored at 3:55, just on the dot.

The own goal sort of made staying up that late to watch a meh match that much more interesting!