April 4th, 2008

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The company of Women

I like the company of women. Who doesn't?

Sure, I like hanging out with the guys, and talking about random stuff and generally being goofy and stupid, but you can't open doors for other men, among other things. You wouldn't want to. The funda of respect and of maintaining one's dignity comes into picture more often than not while being with women, rather than with guys. Plus making women laugh gives one super thrills, much much more so if she is the uber woman. In that case, the joy levels achieved multiply exponentially till it almost becomes asymptotical.

Of course, like everything else, there is a time and place for everything, and this equally applicable to the kind of company (guys / women / mixed company / the company of self) one chooses to have at a certain point in time.

However, the one place where the company of women is not really desirable is in one's cubicle. My office cubicle is the place where I spend the most of my time awake, and I would like to get as comfortable as possible.

I should be able to take my shoes and socks off, and just relax as if it were my second home, simply because I would be able to work better in environs I am most comfortable in.

However, this whole bubble of comfort that envelopes one is rudely shattered as soon as feminine presence makes itself evident in the cubicle.

Despite the fact that I change socks daily, and wear different socks to the office / gym / general outside visits (which means I have a whole lotta socks and thankfully I know which ones are used where), and as a result have clean shoes / socks and feet at all times if not for which I'd feel weird, I still have the notion that womens would turn their nose towarde some apparent odour, even if one's feet would smell of Chanel No.5 or Axe Deodorant, the denim variant.

Plus guys (the normal ones) like to burp, blow their noses (into handkerchiefs), scratch, clean their teeth with toothpicks, fat guys like to rub their bellies, and all these activities are done in places where one is comfortable at. As a standard disclaimer, (I presume that) even the most gentlemanly of men do it, its just that you don't see them do it in public.

A cubicle space is like a TV room where I would be able to watch football or some war movie, except for the fact that I would be watching time slip away in hopefully productive work, and the only kind of wars I can see are the ones which involve toned down versions of heated email exchanges across different people in which I have to be in CC inadvertently by association.

I pray that my cubicle space doesn't turn out to be one where I have to be anything but myself.
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Cellphone Rant

"Make no mistake, we will smoke 'em out."

Oops. Wrong post. That was supposed to go in a chat conversation where I was discussing something with a customer about some bandicoots that had holed up in his bathroom. Yes, I work at a call center for a pest control company based in the US on a part time basis, and this is my favourite line, said with a Texan drawl.

Even though fumigation is not a prescribed form of pest control, and all we resort to doing is to playing some Metallica music from their album St.Anger in a loud volume to kill pests, I still use that line.

I've been told I do a decent G-Dub imitation. Incidentally that line worked quite well until I got significantly abused by a lady who was complaining about how rats were setting off her smoke detectors by chewing on the wires and shorting them, and she said - 'If I listen to a smoke alarm again, I will personally come down to to wherever in Texas your sorry arse is hiding and shoot you down with my shotgun!'

If some poor sods see a lady with a mustache and a shotgun running amok in south Texas shouting about smoke detectors, I am completely to blame.

As usually expected, I digress. This post was supposed to be a cell phone rant, but my subject lines can be misleading at best. Now back to what I wanted to say.

I have a lovely Nokia 6030. Make no mistake (this is the right line now), I love it because it doesn't have a camera / an mp3 player / bluetooth / IR and everything else that makes cellphones such a pain in the pocket to carry around. Its simplicity is what I adore. Make calls, receive calls. Send message, receive message.

Now, for some reason, off late my cell phone has been acting up. When it is idle in inactivity, the display on the screen comes up once every minute, and the light is turned on. While at work, I keep my phone in silent to respect the fact that other people who DON'T have their cellphones in silent mode are working in my vicinity, and alerts are hence triggered only when I manage to see if someone has called me.

Of course, there is a select white list of people whose messages / calls I am alerted by, under all circumstances.

But this stupid power-up of the display in idle mode when nothing is being done is misleading and makes me imagine that I have received SMSes when nothing has happened.

In addition, this also leads to the battery being consumed unnecessarily. I have tried everything possible to turn this off, but to no avail. Ironic, considering I am an application programmer for mobile devices, handsets inclusive.

I must be retarded - on two counts, misleading subject line inclusive. Or else I could just say I am retro enough to not understand the working of cell-phones and try and unsuccessfully get away with it.

PS - Spotted the goof up? Bandicoots are marsupials, I doubt they are in any part of the Western hemisphere.
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The Google - Orkut tie up has been advantageous in some ways, and caused painful experiences in other ways.

Orkut has its advantages, and it has helped me download some super music via rapidshare, like I had previously blogged about. It has helped me keep in touch with people I have known whom I'd rather not call / sms / meet, or those that I CANNOT call / sms / meet, and has contributed significantly ni directing traffic to my online writing spaces in ways I can't thank it enough for.

There are a multitude of other reasons, but this post is more of a rant, and not an orkut rave which will 'give you the 411 on the whole enchilada' as to why orkut is cool.

Now, a year ago, orkut introduced this feature by means of which you could integrate your friends list and chat with them on gtalk, and I was not one of those that followed the first wave of orkut-gtalkers, because I was very characteristically circumspect about the whole thing.

However, in december, in some arbit move that I can't even explain to myself, I found myself doing the unthinkable, and adding the orkut list to gtalk, resulting in a few hundred extra people having been on the list.

A couple of days and a few tens of arbit pings later, I finally decided to undo the stupid thing I had done, only to realize that the gtalk additions wouldn't go away, and they were here to stay.

Ever since then, I have been on the warpath, blocking people who I don't frequently chat with, or those with whom I don't foresee ever having more than a two line conversation, with an unparalleled vengeance. Now as I glance through the blocked list on gtalk, I notice that I have more people blocked than I chat with.

Only fools rush in.
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