March 31st, 2008

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Life is an iPod in Shuffle Mode

Don't say I didn't warn you. The whole iPod related tirade continues thus...

I figured out the other day that I have almost 30 GB of music on my 30GB ipod, which translates to roughly 4500 songs, approx. Over the past couple of months, I have been listening to a very small subset of that huge number of songs, and these numbers that I have been listening to are mostly governed by the mood that I have been in.

ITunes shows you how many songs you have listened to, for how many times, and I noticed that there were quite a few songs on my pod that hadn't seen the light of day (or the equivalent expression to indicate that that particular part of the hard disk hadn't ever been read), and I am on a mission of sorts to remedy that.

I have now decided to listen to my ipod only in shuffle mode henceforth, without forwarding a track even if I think its crappy (unless the recording / sound quality sucks beyond tolerable limits), and it is probably so simply because I haven't had the patience to hear it fully (unless the songs are by Metallica).

However, plugging the pod into a comp to charge it would reset it, specially if new songs were being added, and the whole shuffle sequence would be wiped out for me to start from the beginning again. That is not such a bad thing, if only the entire set of songs could be played without the battery dying out, but that will never happen!

I guess I could extend this whole concept of listening to shuffled songs on an ipod to life in general. Rather than saying 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you can get!', one would be rather better off saying 'Life is like listening to music from an ipod in shuffle mode, you never know what you can get!'.

However, as a caveat, just like one is able to decide what X types of chocolates one can consume from the box, or what Y types of songs one can listen to, we all do end up having a conscious choice with regard to the superset of circumstances we are exposed to, more often than not. In other words, even if we don't have a conscious choice, we do know for sure about what can / cannot happen to us based on certain realistic assumptions that we make.

When things transpire differently from what we'd normally expect for it to, life becomes worth living all the more.
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Word Are Spreading

Lingo is infectious. More so when it defies the boundaries set by grammar, which makes it cooler to use.

Lingo has been an integral part of life in college, and at work as well, and most of my spoken lingo has been contributed to by the friends that I have been in contact with.

I can't stake claims on having come up with new lingo (yet), but I can for sure be held responsible for propagating some of it to the most unexpected of places.

My cousin's wife, who works for Microsoft was so taken in by Skimpy's Are that she has started using it as well, though not so copiously as one would expect.

However, the fact that she has done so, and been using it at the office as well has made me build castles in the air about how someday everyone in Redmond / Bellevue will be speaking the 'are' language, and how Microsoft help files will be filled up with new-age grammar.

In the words of those that use it frequently, 'Are only'.