March 28th, 2008

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Unchained Melody

Public displays of emotion and affection are not really the norm in our country, but this trend of venting out one's feelings ad nauseum seems to be catching on here as well, after having been firmly rooted in practise in different places all over the world.

I for one have no hassles against public displays of any sort, so long as I have the option of not witnessing it should I choose to, or so long as I can voice my opinion in a manner that I see fit.

After coming to Bangalore from Mysore on wednesday evening, I went out with a friend of mine to this popular place in the city, where live nights are the norm on that particular day of the week. I donot wish to name names simply because my post isn't intended at particular establishments or individuals, but at an idea or a concept in general.

At this place, karaoke was in full swing, as song after song was belted out by willing participants. I must digress for a bit to laud the idea of how karaoke is a super idea, for the audience pays for entry and also is responsible for entertaining itself. The organizers need only provide the infrastructure and watch as the people go ahead and unleash.

The whole evening, which was decent fun, but not entirely le grand times because I was sleepy and I knew only my good friend, who is a 'hugger' and likes to hug all the womans he meets, unlike people of my types who'd shake hands only when offered or be content with a 'namaste', unless the other person makes the moves to initiate any sort of greeting that finds preference with them.

At the very end however, someone made an announcement about how two people had died and one more was battling for his/her life in the hospital, and how this song - 'Unchained Melody' went out to that person.

There were two things that I somehow didn't find favour with - one about how this put a dampner on the evening, when people have come out there to have a good time, and as Billy Joel sang in the 'Piano Man', 'to forget about life for a while'. The second thing was about how this whole public dislpay of grief was accompanied by a love song of sorts, when one would rather do something more pertinent, like requesting for blood of a certain type instead.

I think grief is a private emotion. I've been conditioned to believe so and express it only in close circles among people that matter most to me.

In fact, I would go to the extent of considering myself as part of a person's privileged inner circle if he/she were to display that side of theirs to me, and I would do the same only in front of those that I felt really comfortable with.

I voiced my opinion, but it not paraphrased as eloquently as in this post, when that announcement was made, and from what I heard, everyone who heard what I said (which was a lot of people) was miffed about it and thought I was a *insert apt pejorative here*.

Not that I care one bit, but I guess some emotions are better left private. Just like some opinions as well.

Edit: This rant doesn't encompass celebrating the life of one who has passed on. That is a sentiment that I would be in complete agreement with.