March 27th, 2008

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The Downfalls of Ego Surfing

Firstly, it feels good to be home, there's no place like the Motherland to unleash cheapness ad nauseum, and that is what I intend to do!

One of the highlights of unleashing cheapness is to see one's online presence by engaging in what is called ego-surfing. Googling for one's name to see how many pertinent hits come through, and then seeing where it is that one's name has appeared in unexpected quarters, and more often than not, unless it is a post which contains undesired but not unexpected doses of vitriol aimed against me, it is quite flattering.

But one of the search links on the 10th page among google searches had me dumbstruck for quite some time, as I managed to invariably navigate to a hitherto unseen page, which shocked me in ways that I can't describe.

Let me reproduce the text, with other pertinent modifications in it to protect the identities of the concerned persons who are responsible for entering this content online, so that they don't end up being stigmatized for life.

Maga, V, d.o.b. XX-XX-77, ht, 5'9”, q. BE, Hari Shenoy, Working as Sr., Software Engineer, Prefers: Engineer / CA / Working Girl with height above 5'3”, Contact father: ____ Shenoy, XXX, “XXXXXXXXX”, X th Cross, XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, Banashankari IInd Stage, Bangalore 560070. Phone: 111 –11111111 e-mail: (Last Son).

What you saw above is the text reproduced on a Konkani matrimonial website for arranged marriages. The Konkani word for alliance between a couple is called 'Soirika', sort of like 'Shiddoch' for the Hebrew peoples.

At first glance, when I saw what google had thrown up, without having visited the actual site to look for details, I was shocked and stunned and surprised because the only things I saw were my name, the educational qualifications as well as the post that the said person held and they all were the same as mine.

In lieu of the internet connection at the office being slow due to random idiots blogging or LJing away to glory rather than focussing on important work at hand, it took quite a while before the details about date of birth and other particulars became more evident, until which time I must confess that I was aghast and sad by the fact that someone had thrown my hat into the ring for me by proxy, without even having asked if I wanted it thrown in there.

As is the case with most dreamy hopeless romantic people, among whom I would count myself in proudly, there is always hope that I am able to have a love marriage with someone who is agreeable to putting up with my flaky behaviour, failing which I think I would be better off growing a beard and rushing off to the Himalayas, like I have been repeating to anyone and everyone who's bothered to listen to me, with regard to what transpires in the love dept.