March 25th, 2008

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Of Plane Travel and Last Words

My stay in Seattle is coming to an end, and a huge part of me wants to just rush home. Home, back to the Mysore and Bangalore, both places now have the tag of home associated with them because I feel like home in either place. Of course, there is no place in the world like Mysore, but you can't always get what you want.

So the homeward bound journey that I have now will comprise of three flights, once again but unlike the previous time that I flew to Seattle, this time around I will have to travel with the spin of the earth, and end up losing a day in the process once I cross the international date line, and be in flight / at an airport for more than 36 hours. By the time I land, I will definitely be a mental wreck of sorts, but then again, the prospect of eating some home food and meeting those that I badly want to meet is just so inviting that I would walk a considerable distance to make that happen.

However, this ramble is not so much centered around the joys of coming back home, something I have experienced on two previous occasions, but about the possible dangers of flying and how one should deal with it, should the circumstances arise accordingly.

Imagine that on the plane, something goes wrong and as a result, one ends up in a position where death by crashing is inevitable. (Its ironic that I am typing this out after two flights from Seattle to Tokyo to Singapore, with one more on the anvil on our very own Air India to Bangalore, almost eight hours later). In the last few moments that one would invaribly end up spending on the flight, it would be horrible, nay, deplorable to hear the anguish filled screams of other passengers.

Surely, listening to the horrendous sounds of someone screeching banshee-like is not the last sound you'd want to hear. Should I be in a similar situation, I propose to shout out "Superman" loudly, so that in case he does exist, he would then be able to pull one stunning save and rescue the plane from crashing.

Realistically, that will not happen, but one gets to go with some prospect of hope and with something to look forward to, regardless!
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Getting punched in the face by Irony

Free Wifi is welcome. Changi airport is supposed to be the Mecca for wi-fi freeloaders.

However, one major stumbling block that has kicked me in the shins, figuratively, is that post registration on the Singapore wifi access hub, one has to enter one's mobile phone number in order to receive SMS with the cofirmation code.

Now, I have three mobiles on me - with three different connections / service providers, and the major pain is the fact that I am unable to receive SMS on each of the three for various reasons, including the fact that none of them has international roaming available on them.

Three phones, one laptop, and I can smell the sweet sweet scent of free Wifi in the air, but its so out of reach, and I am not sure what needs to be done. Its late in the evening, and I will get out of here early in the morning.

Maybe the brain will work after scrounging some grub.

Hopefully this post gets an update from mine own laptop.

EDIT:Sadly, no such luck. I tried scrounging around to get some friends to receive SMSes on my behalf, but since I had already entered the details of my passport in the form, I was unable to re-input the respective details, resulting in me being a freeloader from one internet terminal to another, which meant that I was on an eventual mission to log onto each terminal in sight, log onto either gmail / facebook / orkut / blogspot / livejournal / bash and unleash, as part of my way of taking revenge.

But I think I love the Changi experience way too much to hold something as insiginificant as the inability to have free wifi access on my laptop against it.

I did manage to roam across all around terminals 1, 2 and 3, met up with some arbit strangers, as usual, and had interesting single serving conversations, slept at a free movie theater, had onion rings at Burger King (which incidentally, along with a tall mug of Bass pale ale was the last thing I ate in the US as well), took a couple of photos before getting bored of it and managed to get a window seat.

I'm homeward bound now, and I swear to God, I am already tired and zombie like. By the time I get to Mysore, I hope I will still remain alive!