March 3rd, 2008

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Soldiers of (mis)Fortune

I had this whole sentimental post in mind about how the little things and little actions of ours matter so much in the greater scheme of things, but I guess that will have to be put on hold because my friend, Prateek, gave me some information through gtalk about how Sasken's office was ransacked by the activists of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, because their employees sang an 'allegedly' offensive song.

As usual, I think this Vatal Nagaraj level violent protest is justified if the offence in question is a valid one. But I personally feel that this incident is giving the non-Kannadigas waay to much credit for something that has been probably the brainchild of two or three arbit junta who were just doing this for kicks.

For the very few people that don't know the song in question that is being spoofed here, it is 'soldier of fortune' by Deep Purple, a lovely song (which our band used to cover when I was in college, and I used to sing - heh, cheap self promotion here!) which is not among their super popular numbers, although it is my favourite track from 'Stormbringer'.

Now, the song is in poor taste and is a pathetic parody of the original because of reasons that will be made more clear to you when you listen to the original and try mapping its lyrics onto the spoofed one, but assuming that techies in general know the song overall is quite a far fetched assumption to make, and them knowing how to sing it properly even with a printout in hand is even worse!

Bangalore in particular and India in general, atleast post the IT service industry boom in our country has given techies much more credit than is due to them, and this is another prime example of it.

All in all, its not nice to make fun of the local language, simply from the point of view of offending the sentiments of the people native to that state, in any part of our country, and although we do have this whole freedom of expression thing going for us, it should probably be used with discretion, rather than made blatant hara-kiri of.

(The owner of this LJ and writer of this post wishes to acknowledge as a standard disclaimer that he is a techie, and is consequently spouting self-abuse towards himself, something he enjoys doing as a satiation of his physically non-hurtful masochistic tendencies, before going on a mildly vitriolic tirade against his fellow software engineers, who by the way are mostly great people anyway, atleast the ones he is friends with, even though some of them may be retarded!)