February 24th, 2008

boy with dog


So it turns out, not without a tinge of irony attached, that in a manner similar to how my first visit to a McDonalds happened in Oslo, rather then in dear old Bangalore or how my first bout of public drunkness (read drinking beer in the wide open in public) happened on the pedestrian streets of Copenhagen with a fellow brown guy and his Polish girlfriend rather than in the park near my house in Banashankari 3rd stage, my first visit to a major (kinda) sporting event is happening not in India at the Chinnaswamy stadium to watch Sachin, Dravid, Kumble and Dada, but at the Key arena in Seattle near the space needle when I watch the Portland Trailblazers take on the Seattle Supersonics in a northwest division game of the NBA's western conference.

I must confess right at the outset that my knowledge of the NBA is restricted to a few famous teams and some sporting greats, and that I hadn't heard of the Sonics before I arrived here. I had however heard vaguely of the Blazers, but not in a context that I can particularly recall, it must've been more arbitrary, in passing on the marquee on CNN or something. In addition, I also don't follow basketball one bit, but the only reason I guess I am going is for the experience of watching a strange sport in a strange land.

I've heard that neither team is all that great, but it does promise to be fun in that case, for its more fun to watch if the teams are equally matched than if it is a one-sided game.

The other happening is happening on monday when I head to watch Lifehouse who will be in town for their Disarray tour, and now their music is something that I am more familiar with - and I am looking forward to the concert like I do for any other musical experience.

The next weekend on 1st and 2nd March sees me heading to Potlatch 17, which is a SF literature convention. I've registered for it by paying 50 dawra and also registered myself for buying one of them t-shirts available at the convention which will cost me an additional 15 dawra. It will, in all probability be like a bar camp where people discuss books and end up with crazy conversation threads and such. I am not sure what to expect, but I do know that it is something I am looking forward to. It promises to be more fun than your average evening/night in a nightclub. (I think, for I haven't been to one yet. Our type don't throng there.)

More blagging on the game later. This post was drafted before the game but published significantly after it was done with. So there.