February 19th, 2008

boy with dog

Marriage Blues Revisited

I turn 25 this year in less than two months. Assuming that I have a life-expectancy of around 65 or so, accidents notwithstanding, I still have forty years to go and I have 61.5% more of my life to still look forward to.

So far, touchwood, the ride has been pretty decent, like a complete and total rollercoaster, replete with ups and downs as I have tried to find out what I can do properly and where I'd fit in, the nebulous answers to both, at this point in time being nothing and nowhere!

In any case, I have been getting invites on email for friends' marriages. I have to state here that I was put into school a year earlier than my contemporaries in that particular academic year, and this makes most of them 26 year olds or so, and it is probably the norm to ensure that most women get married by then, if not for which they'd probably have a tough time settling down the more old-spinster-ish they become.

However, what has been setting of alarm bells within my limited mental machinery is the fact that I am getting invites for guys' marriages. Quite a few of my batchmates (among those that I have kept in touch with) are getting married, and I somehow feel like this is the tipping point with more junta to follow suit in the days to come.

As I see all of them riding the marriage wave and settling into the rigmarole of holy matrimony, I can't help but feel a bit shaken by my absolute disinterest in the aforesaid institution at this point in time. The absolute disinterest might stem from an absolute lack of prospects at this point in time!

Of course, I want to put shaadi, but not because it is the right time, but because I should find the right woman AND she should wholeheartedly concur insofar as my wanting to marry her is concerned.

I still don't feel the pressure yet, for peer pressure related to relationships / marriage hasn't been an emotion I have so far experienced, but I must say that I have mixed feelings towards what might transpire within my head in the days to come!
boy with dog


Due to current geographical location, I am forced to make any references to money in terms of hard currency, and as a consequence, might sound a bit more obnoxious and air-headed than I usually do. I doubt you can tell the difference.

However, to express solidarity with my Asian brothers here, some of whom are part of gangs that I have steered clear of, for fear of getting knifed in a dark alley at night in the International District of Seattle, the aforesaid hard currency shall henceforth be referred to as the Dawra (pronounced Daa-ra with a hard D).

This is also a dedication to the fact that the honourable oriental men who might skin me alive in aforementioned dark alley in the dead of the night can't say 'La' and say 'Ra' instead, something immortalized on the web through the concept of Engrish.

Aside of that, this is also my polite way of protesting the time I had to spend running around to Chennai in the middle of the week to get my US Visa. I can't believe they've made it so hard for regular people like us who just want to be there for a month, see basketball games, watch concerts, make friends with the natives and the immigrants and then come back once our supply of MTR has run out!

Special thanks to Monkee's friend K who acted as saviour when I was in Chennai, on multiple levels.

So, dowra it is. Starting letter always lower case.