February 18th, 2008

boy with dog


In the land of hedonism and of unimaginable excesses, I am trying to live life like a native, albeit a poor one without a car, who uses public transport to get to work.

Transport notwithstanding, I am able to ensure that I live well enough and dine where I want to and drink where I want to, and shop for whatever it is that I want without thinking twice about it. No parsimonious Desi fundaes there, for a B1 visa only gives you so much DA!

Among the various things I have slated in the coming days are a basketball game - Portland Trailblazers v/s Seattle Supersonics on friday the 22nd and a Lifehouse concert on Monday the 25th, both of which I am really looking forward to.

I must confess however that I haven't really listened to too much of Lifehouse, except for 'hanging by a moment' from their debut album, which I have heard enough number of times to have the lyrics memorized, and hence I wanted to download their stuff, load it on my faithful iPod and atleast increase my familiarity with their music.

Turns out, I have heard more of their stuff than I imagined, and I am just in their first album, and there is a track named 'Breathing', which I really liked but couldn't ID when I had heard it before. Pleasant surprise ensued!

There's been major adventures that have happened, but somehow blogging enthu seems to have hit an all-time low, at the worst possible time. But after a week of se(a)ttling in, I think I should be good to go!
boy with dog

When Hari Met Stoli

My first weekend in Seattle, after having visited the Experience Music Project museum and the Science Fiction Museum and getting bitti entry for having a press pass, for I intend on writing about the place in RSJ, I was hunting around for a place where I could spend the evening before I headed out back to where I lived and call it a night.

It was about 1800 in the evening, and after wandering around aimlessly in the streets, bereft of company, albeit revelling in solitude nevertheless, I wanted to check out some live music at one of the pubs, where I could listen to a band and have some nice beer at the same time.

I was guided by Joan (centered around whom another adventurous post has to be written) to the CHAC - Capitol Hill Arts Center, which is a hip avant-garde Bohemian level place located in the basement of a building painted black, and is, on the outside not a welcome venue for those faint at heart.

But once you enter the place within, there is a nice bar attached and its a warm and cozy, comfortable place with friendly people who welcomed an arbit brown stranger into their midst without any qualms. They were pleasantly mirthful when I told them about how I was a rock/metal fan, and they invited me to their live nights and gave me a schedule so that I could go there whenever I wanted to, and I do totally intend on visiting the place again.

I was zonked with the cold when I entered the place, and when the bartender asked me what I wanted, I told him to feel free and whip something up - and this is what he made:

Stolichnya blueberry vodka
triple sec
a dash of chamborg
sour mix
2 lemons and 2 limes
shaken well with crushed ice and served in a martini glass.

Once the drink was prepared, I asked the bartender what he had made, and he said he was clueless and that he wanted me to name the drink!

This is when, in a flash of divine inspiration - When Hari Met Stoli was born!

PS - A certain simian seems to be of the opinion that this is a majorly feminine drink. K to his alcoholic excesses, considering the man is in a state where prohibition reigns, and even a drop of alcohol crossing his lips would be like manna from heaven, if needed when the occasion demands.