February 10th, 2008

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Airport Live Blogging

LJ-ing from Narita International Airport, Tokyo, I am tired.

I have spent the past week in a crazy whirlwind of travels across Mysore - Bangalore - Chennai and back and to and fro after having been informed that I have to go to Seattle on Friday the 1st of Feb.

Last minute US visa interview, stamping, collecting it from the courier office three hours before flight checkin and all the associated packing, getting ready and all that has nevertheless not proved to be a dampner to teh adrenaline rush that accompanies a travel journey overseas.

Singapore Airlines rocks, and so does Changi airport, or howmuchever I got to see of it for 35 minutes. A delayed flight meant I was unable to put Kiasu-level mooching off their free wireless internet facility, but nevertheless, I should do something on my way back to do full justice to that place.

A hurried change-over to United Airlines to Narita, Tokyo led to having some interesting company despite being in the middle of the middle section of teh middle row of the economy class seating - met a Sri Lankan national and a Singaporean Fashion and Design marketing lady, and good conversation ensued.

To get the requisite 100 yen to access the net, for free wi-fi is available only on terminal 2, I had to buy a Samurai t-shirt and then get change in yen. The costliest t-shirt I have purchased so far, I think would be this one.

Note to self - buy Pokemon dolls, Manga and other arbit cool stuff on return.

More blagging when I land at my 'Final Destination'.
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