January 28th, 2008

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Blagging on the move - enroute to Bangalore from Mysore. 7 AM in the morning. The things people do for cheap thrills.

An ipod on shuffle mode can do the most wonderful things. With the Zero and MotherJane concert up ahead this friday at IIM B, it was really nice to stumble upon an hitherto unknown (to me) track by Zero, titled 'Spitleaf'.

I have listened to three of their albums - Hook, Albummed and Procrastination, and have had my set favourite tracks among those, including 'Christmas in July', 'Her', 'The Everyday Love Song' and 'Not My Kind of Girl', out of which the first one is an instrumental track.

But listening to Spitleaf has literally blown my mind away. The only emotion that it evokes in me is love. I just can't think of anything else that comes to mind when I listen to that track. The first few strains of clean guitaring, followed by a light crunchy distortion when the drums kick in, and this track just about hits the spot.

This seems to me like the kind of music being played in the background in a romantic comedy of sorts where the protagonist and his inamorata get to know each other better after their first date together - a journey of exploration and discovery of self with the other person armed in tow.

This track (you might feel) probably isn't a virtuoso performance in the league of a piece by a Satriani, an Eric Johnson or a Steve Vai, but there is something about this significantly commercial sounding track with memorable hooks and chord progressions that gives you the impression that the guy who composed this song was in love.

If instrumentals could be used to put serenade as much as a vocal rendition, this would be the song that I would pick up to play, should the occasion for the same arise in the future.

Regardless, it would still be an amazing piece of music to learn to play.
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