January 21st, 2008

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Recursive Dreaming?

Sometimes, the weirdness of circumstances forces me to write about random things like dreams that I have had. The phenomenon of personal blogging and writing about nothing else is not something I will ever adhere to, but in certain cases it seems like material for a decent post.

Should you, dear reader, disagree with me, I don't really care.

In this dream which I had last night, I saw three movies, one Hindi, one English and another one from somewhere in the far East, and there were many weird things about the movies.

First of all, in a dream that lasted for not more than six hours, how was it that I saw three movies? Secondly, my sleep was interrupted on one occasion by some random noisy cats that kept mewing while engaging in what either seemed like copulation or were singing dirges in the dark as if it was the day the music died. The sheer pleasure derived out of someone waking up in the middle of the night and interrupting their noisy activities in a very rude manner brought a big smile onto my face, as I curled up in bed and fell asleep again to have the second part of my draeam.

The other unusual thing about these three movies was that in one of the scenes, the location for filming for these three movies was the exact same place. Only the decor had changed slightly and the kind of people that were inhabiting the background of this outdoor location had changed as a result of the fact that the movies I watched (whose names I don't remember or don't know at all) had a different cast.

Once I watched these movies, the location intrigued me so much that I actually went there, and saw the place for myself and whipped out my comp and started writing an LJ post about it.

Now I dream of writing LJ posts! To make matters worse, I blog about a dream in which I blogged. What agony!
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