January 20th, 2008

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Over the Hill and Far Away

You know you are over the hill when the songs that you really like are placed up on VH1 in the classics section. Somehow, 24 years and 9 months seems so very ancient when songs like 'free falling' by Tom Petty and 'losing my religion' by REM and all other music that you'd consider as among your favourite tracks appears in the 'classics' section. There can be no better way to compound one's misery.

I hate the guys from VH1 for making me feel older than I am.

But I do have to grudgingly admit that they play some decent ass music, all the same.
boy with dog

Eye Gear

It is an acknowledged fact of life that northie womans who wear glasses look hot. Basically, on a personal level, women that wear glasses look hot in any case considering the fact that people like me associate intelligence with being hot and glasses go a long way in contributing towards it.

This brings us to the fundamental grouse that most people have about how it is that womans from north India in general look stunningly hot until they open their mouths and actually start speaking, in which case the most prudent course of action to actually take a 180 degree turn and run away in the other direction. If you don't know what I am talking about, in the interest of social science, I would recommend that you actually attempt to strike up a conversation with someone who clearly falls under the aforementioned catetogy.

Of course, as it is the case in every rule, exceptions are present. But I have been unfortunate to have not encountered anyone who is an exception to the rule I have concocted. I am kinda thankful for that in some really weird way, maybe.
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The Tissue Paper Trail

The title of this post is referring to precisely what you might've inferred by now - the tissue paper trail.

This is one more of those A-level prankster ideas that can give you cheap thrills but will, at the same time, not have the requisite harmful repercussions that an A level prank will have in general.

The idea is to go to a particular restaurant, flick the paper napkins from the holder provided and leave the tissue paper from the previous restaurant visited in the place of the tissue paper of the current restaurant and do it subject to two factors- (a) the feasibility to actually switch tissue papers without drawing any suspicion towards the same and (b) subject to the fact that the current visited restaurant has tissue paper that you can leave at the next restaurant.

Should the waiters of a particular restaurant be as oriented towards attention to detail as I would assume, it would confound them no end to actually have tissue paper from some other arbit restaurant in place of the ones they've provided to the customer.

This venture had its beginning when my friend and I visited Brigade Fuel on Brigade Road for a nightcap and flicked tissue paper and placed the same at the Empire restaurant in Koramangala. The final target it to hit as many places as possible and interchange tissue paper ad infinitum ad nauseum until we get caught, in which case a fourth estate card might come in handy.

For the three people who've actually read this, please do try this at any restaurant you visit that provides you with tissue paper. It is good fun, I can assure you. At least, that is how it seemed when the idea was making its presence felt in my head.