January 17th, 2008

boy with dog

Media ki Jai

Following the entire monkey hoopla with regard to the Symonds-Bhajji row that is hopefully a thing of the past, the entire country was up in arms and different sections reacted differently to the controversy.

Some shameless bloggers plugged their cause further by piggy-backing on the controversy gravy-train, while shameless kids all over took secret pleasure in saying 'teri maa ki' in front of every possible authority figure, and when confronted with the charge said that it was better than calling someone a monkey.

(It may be worth mentioning here that the set comprising of blog pluggers as well as that of the aforementioned shameless kids might not be mutually exclusive.)

The captive monkeys all across the country revolted in disgust at being compared to, of all creatures, an Andrew Symonds, and refused to accept food from passers by despite their burning effigies of Symonds right in front of the cages in the zoo.

The anger in the monkey population trickled down even to the most revered of all simian beings, including the ones at the Swayambhunath temple in Kathmandu, the Durga Temple at Varanasi and the Dilwara Temples in Rajasthan, who firmly refused to beg for food ONLY from Australian tourists, thereby causing major KLPD of sorts among the visitors from down under who had visited aforesaid places only to see them perform their rope tricks.

The visiting Aussies vowed revenge and as a consequence superimposed the picture of a Symonds over Lord Hanuman, thereby angering the RSS, the Bajrang Dal, Prakash Kumar Thakur and even hardcore Islamic militants, who were flagellating themselves to death for not having thought of this idea before, and consequently received the one of the coveted Darwin awards in the process.

A teary eyed Mullah Omar, who accepted the award on behalf of those who passed on said that according to the Jihadi scriptures, they would not be able to redeem the full 72 virgin quota in heaven because of the fact that their body was more or less whole and also because they hadn't blown anyone up, despite having killed themselves for a worthless cause.

But, we digress.

The other people who took the most advantage of this was the media. Unleashing patriotic fervor, newsreaders all and sundry could be seen frothing at the mouth, shouting slogans of (of all things) 'Vande Mataram' and playing patriotic songs. One channel even went to far as to actually superimpose shots of Symonds arguing with Bhajji as well as all the wrong umpiring decisions with the song 'Tamizha Tamizha' from Roja in order to incite those who weren't bothered about such incidents even further.

The first anniversary of the Nandigram violence, as well as many other issues of note were conveniently pushed onto the backburner, as the television media ran amok at the prospect of repeating the same footage of Bhajji saying something to Symonds again and again ad nauseum, while taking a couple of days off to play golf, sip tequila by the poolside and generally laze around while having every cricketer worth his salt who could speak two proper sentences in english have his 2 minutes of fame.

However, with the Perth test now being interestingly poised and after all the dust surrounding the issue has settled down, I couldn't help but choke on some wonderful Real Activ fruit-vegetable juice this morning as I heard something on TV about how the media seemed to have blown this issue out of proportion.

It was a recurring theme in two of the news channels that I follow more regularly compared to others on my TV because they have been assigned to the single digit channels on my remote control and as a consequence are easily accessible as compared to the others.

What was particularly noteworthy was the manner in which the news channels kept saying how 'the players shouldn't let the media frenzy affect their performance' and how 'the media has nothing better to do than to magnify trivial incidents beyond measure and blow them out of proportion in the name of sensationalism'!

Heh, go figure. Talk of putting axe on your own feets!!