January 16th, 2008

boy with dog

Not Enough Time

A Calvin-esque lamentation about how there isn't enough time for me to do all the nothing that I want is what this post is pretty much all about.

Its been quite a while since I have had a huge chunk of free time, and I am not writing this grudgingly but with a sense of happiness at having kept myself preoccupied enough to not led devil's workshop fundaes take centerstage.

The previous weekend was an example of the same grind, with saturday comprising of two band interviews for a magazine, followed by dinner and crashing at a friend's place.

The next morning, after a sumptuous breakfast at my friend's place courtesy of his mum, I had to head out for a meeting of the band I manage, followed by another meeting on brigade road for an event that will be held on feb 10th.

Basically, if one has to plot my course of travel via public transport all through starting from saturday afternoon till sunday night, it is as follows:

Banashankari 3rd stage ---> Jayanagar 4th block ---> Church Street ---> Indiranagar 100ft road ---> Whitefield ----> Indiranagar CMH Road ---> KR Market ---> Nagarbhavi ---> Brigade Road ---> Majestic ---> Mysore.

Considering I did all this Bangalore darshan within a span of about 28 hours, I was drop dead tired by the time it was all over and glad to be home in Mysore for two days.